help for ^istdize^                                            (Statalist ^istdi
> ze^)

Indirect standardization - ------------------------

^istdize^ casesvar popvar stratavars using ^filename^ [^if^ exp] [^in^ range] ^,^ ^by(^groupvars^)^ ^pop^vars^(^case_var pop_var^)^ ^rate(^rate_var #|crude^)^ ^pr^int ^f^ormat^(%^fmt^)^ ^l^evel^(^#^)^ ]

Description - -----------

^istdize^ produces indirectly standardized rates using a standard population. This standardization methods is indicated in situations where the stratum-specific rates for the population being studied are either unavailable or are based on small numbers and thus unreliable. The standardization utilizes the stratum-specific rates of a standard population to calculate the expected number of cases in the study population(s), sums them and then compares them to the actual number of cases observed. The standard population's information must be contained in another Stata data file and specified via ^using^ on the command line.

^casevar^ is the variable name for the study population's number of cases (deaths). It must be an integer and it must have the same value for all observations or missing in all but one observation in each subpopulation identified by the ^groupvars^.

^popvar^ identifies the number of subjects represented by each observation in the study population.

^stratavars^ define the strata.

Options - -------

^by(^groupvars^)^ it specifies the variables identifying the study populations if more than one exist in the data.

^popvars(^case_vars pop_var^)^ or ^rate(^rate_var #|crude_var^)^ must be specified. Only one of these two options is allowed. These options are used to describe the standard population's data where:

Variables used with ^rate^ option: ^rate_var^ variable containing the strata specific rates. ^#|crude_var^ is used to specify the crude case rate either via a variable name or optionally by its value. If the crude rate variable is used it must be the same for all observations or missing in all but one.

Variables used with ^popvars^ option: ^case_vars^ variable for the number of cases (deaths) for each stratum in the standard population. ^pop_var^i variable representing the total number of individuals in each stratum (individuals at risk).

^print^ outputs a tabulate summary of the standard population before outputting the study populations.

^format(%^fmt^)^ specifies the format to use for displaying the summary table. The default is ^%10.0g^; see help @%fmt@.

^level(^#^)^ specifies the confidence level, in percent, for the confidence interval of the adjusted rate; see help @level@.

Example - -------

.. ^istdize deaths pop age race using USstd.dta, by(year) rate(USrate crude)^ .. ^istdize deaths pop age race sex using USstd, by(year) rate(USrate 0.0095)^

Also see - --------

Manual: ^[R] dstdize^ On-line: help for @epitab@, @dstdize@