help for itmeus            

Install SSC routines needed for ITMEUS


itmeus is a convenience command that accompanies An Introduction to Modern Econometrics Using Stata, by Christopher F. Baum (Stata Press, 2006). The book's examples use several unofficial user-written Stata commands that are available from the SSC archive. The itmeus command will automatically install the latest versions of these commands into the user's copy of Stata by using the official ssc command.

You must have Stata 8.2 or later to use itmeus and these commands; some commands may require Stata version 9. Stata 8.2 is a free upgrade from Stata 8.0 or 8.1; see update query.

Many user-written routines are under development and are often updated for new features and bug fixes. If you have Stata 9, you may use the official adoupdate command at any time to check whether you have the latest versions of all user-written commands installed from the SSC archive, the Stata Journal and Stata Technical Bulletin, and selected user sites. Therefore, if you run itmeus today, you might use adoupdate after 1 or 2 months to ensure that your copies of the installed routines are up to date.


Christopher F. Baum, Boston College baum@bc.edu


I thank Vince Wiggins for suggesting the creation of this command, and Gabe Waggoner for help with the help file.

Also see

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