help for kdbox
Kernal Density Plot with Boxplot

kdbox [variable] [weight] [if exp] [in range], mean nograph generate(newvarx newvard) n(#) width(#) {biweight|cosine|epan|gauss|parzen|rectangle|triangle} normal stud(#) at(varx) symbol(...) connect(...) title(string) graph_options ]


Only fweights are allowed; see help weights.

Syntax basically the same as kdensity.

Description kdbox plots a boxplot above a kernal density plot. The wiskers on the boxplot extend to min and max. Potential outliers are not indicated. Options

mean include mean in boxplot

Does not allow the by option.

Other options same as kdensity

Examples . kdbox mpg . kdbox mpg, normal mean

Author Philip B. Ender UCLA Department of Education UCLA Academic Technology Services ender@ucla.edu

Manual: [R] kdensity On-line: help for kdensity, graph, hist