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Multiple kernel density estimation - ----------------------------------

^kdmany^ varlist [^if^ exp] [^in^ range]^,^ [^log zeroes^] kdenisty_options graph_options

Description - -----------

This command performs kernel density estimation for several variables and combines those estimates on a single graph. kdensity of version 2.3.2 or later is required (which can rely on some default parameters); type ^which kdensity^ to assert you have the right version.

Options - -------

^log^ takes logarithms of all variables from the varlist.

^zeroes^ assigns some small values to the observations with missing values appeared upon taking logs of zeroes.

^kdensity_options^ may contain some generic options for kernel density estimation like width of the window, the number of estimation points, kernel type and the points where density is to be estimated, to override the defaults. The ^nograph^ options is forced and ^generage^ is substituted within ^kdmany^. See help @kdensity@.

^graph_options^ are (almost) arbitrary options of ^graph^; ^symbol^ and ^connect^ options are overridden. See help @graph@.

Examples - --------

. ^kdmany pension wage chldben^ . ^kdmany pension wage chldben if totincm<10000^ . ^kdmany pension wage chldben, xline(200 400)^ . ^kdmany pension wage chldben, log xline(200 400)^

Also see - --------

Manual: ^[R] kdensity^ On-line: help for @kdensity@, @mdensity@ (if installed)