help for palette_all

Displays all the named colours in STATA

palette_all [ , bg(colorstyle) ]


This command will display all STATA's named colours in one graph so that you can make a comprehensive choice of how to colour your graphs. There is only one option and that is to change the background colour. The idea is that when choosing the colours for your graph you would need to see how they look on the colour of your plotregion.

Updating this command

To obtain the latest version click the following to uninstall the old version ssc uninstall palette_all

And click here to install the new version ssc install palette_all


bg(colorstyle) specifies the background colour.


Click the highlighted text.


palette_all, b(white)

palette_all, b(black)

palette_all, b(ltblue)


Adrian Mander, MRC Human Nutrition Research Unit, Cambridge, UK.

Email adrian.mander@mrc-hnr.cam.ac.uk

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