help for pchipolate

Piecewise cubic Hermite interpolation

pchipolate yvar xvar [if exp] [in range] , generate(newvar)

by ... : may be used with pchipolate; see help by.


pchipolate creates newvar by averaging non-missing values of yvar and using piecewise cubic Hermite interpolation of missing values of yvar, given xvar. That is, provided that xvar is not missing,

1. When yvar is not missing, newvar is the mean of yvar over observations with the same value of xvar. If a value of xvar is unique, then each mean is just the same as the value of yvar at that point.

2. When yvar is missing, newvar is filled in using piecewise cubic Hermite interpolation.


This method is often described informally as "pchip". For a lucid account, see Moler (2004, Ch.3). Informally, pchip interpolates using piecewise cubics that join smoothly, so that both the interpolated function and its first derivative are continuous. In addition, the interpolant is shape-preserving in the sense that it cannot overshoot locally; sections in which observed yvar is increasing, decreasing or constant with xvar remain so after interpolation, and local extremes (maxima, maxima) also remain so.

This interpolation method also extrapolates.

The first two examples are based on the help for ipolate in Stata 10.


generate() is not optional; it specifies the name of the new variable to be created.


--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Setup . webuse ipolxmpl1, clear

List the data . list, sep(0)

Create y1 containing an interpolation of y on x for missing values of y . pchipolate y x, gen(y1)

Plot the result . line y1 x || scatter y x

List the result . list, sep(0)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Setup . webuse ipolxmpl2, clear

Show years for which the circulation data are missing . tabulate circ year if circ == ., missing

Create pchicirc containing an interpolation of circ on year for missing values of circ and perform this calculation separately for each magazine . by magazine: pchipolate circ year, gen(pchicirc)

Plot the result . line pchicirc year || scatter circ year, by(magazine) {hline}

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Moler's example . clear . set obs 6 . matrix y = (16, 18, 21, 17, 15, 12)' . gen y = y[_n, 1] . gen x = _n . set obs 61 . replace x = (_n + 1)/10 in 7/L . pchipolate y x, gen(pchip) . line pchip x, sort || scatter y x ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


Nicholas J. Cox, Durham University, U.K. n.j.cox@durham.ac.uk


Most of the Mata code in this program is a translation of MATLAB code given by Moler (2004).


Moler, C. 2004. Numerical Computing with MATLAB. Philadelphia: SIAM. Chapter 3. (also available in slightly different form at http://www.mathworks.com/moler/interp.pdf)

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