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Including PNG graphs in RTF output


png2rtf using newfile.doc [, replace append graph(PNG path and filename) height(height of graph in pixels, default 753) width(width of graph in pixels, default 548) author(Author name for RTF file properties) title(Title for RTF file properties) company(Company for RTF file properties) ]

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Suppose you want to export graphs to a document that can be viewed easily by folks who don't use Stata. Using TeX and making a PDF is arguably the easiest way to go; see e.g. texdoc on SSC for a primer. Ulrich Kohler has advocated using ghostscript and Maarten Buis has advocated using file to write out html; see also log2html on SSC for related ideas. There is also advice from Michael Blasnik on using a mail merge in Microsoft Word or similar software; see http://www.stata.com/statalist/archive/2004-06/msg00301.html and http://www.stata.com/meeting/4nasug/abstracts.html#blasnik.

png2rtf offers yet another alternative: you can export graphs as PNG files then convert the binary file into a hexdump for inclusion in an RTF file; png2rtf automates this second step. The resulting file can be opened in Microsoft Word and many other word processors immediately. Note that the hexdump roughly doubles the size of the graph file, so do what you can to make sure your PNG is as small as possible (e.g. don't plot symbols on top of each other).

You can add other material to the RTF including text and formatting tags much as you would in html or TeX, but that functionality is not provided in png2rtf (see also e.g. estout on SSC for a program that writes out estimates and other tables to RTF files).

+----------+ ----+ Examples +---------------------------------------------------------

sysuse auto, clear sc mpg weight gr export mpg.png, height(300) width(300) replace png2rtf using mpg.doc, g(mpg.png) replace eststo clear _eststo mpg: reg mpg weight _eststo pri: reg price weight esttab mpg pri using mpg.doc, rtf la nogap onecell mti a ti(\par Here is some text{\page}{\b A title}) sc price weight gr export price.png, height(300) width(300) replace png2rtf using mpg.doc, g(price.png) a


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