Help on poisml                                                Hilbe 13Dec1997

Maximum-likelihood Poisson regression

Command line:

^poisml^ depvar [varlist] [weight] [^if^ exp] [^in^ range] [, ^lt(^#^) ir^r ^off(^var^) nol^og^ rob^ust ^score^(var)^ cl^uster(var)]

^lt(#)^ = tolerance for convergence ^irr^ = parameter estimates displayed in exponential form; standard errors and CIs adjusted ^off(str)^ = offset variable - log raw var prior to using as offset ^nolog^ = no display of iteration log ^robust^ = displays robust variance estimator; auto w cluster ^cluster(str)^ = identifies variable used for clustering ^score(str)^ = creates a variable with score value

Results may be redisplayed by entering the command. Exponential form and C.I. level are allowed as options without reestimation.

Examples - --------

. ^poisml studytim died drug2 drug3, irr nolog^ . ^poisml infected cases cd4 cd8, nolog irr off(cases) cluster(prov)^

. ^poisml, level(90)^ [redisplay]

Also see - --------

Manual: [5s] poisson, glm On-line: help for @poisson@, @glm@

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