help for ^predcalc^                                      (JMGarrett 12/06/99)

Predicted Values ----------------

^predcalc^ yvar [^if^ exp], ^x^var^(^xlist^)^ [^m^odel ^lin^ear ^l^evel^(^# > ^)^]

^predcalc^ calculates predicted values and confidence intervals from linear or logistic regression model estimates for user specified values for the X variables.

Variables and options required ------------------------------

yvar -- dependent variable

If yvar is continuous, defaults to linear regression If yvar is binary (0,1), defaults to logistic regression

^xvar(^x1=# x2=# ...^)^ -- list of X variables and value each is assigned. For example: xvar(age=50 gender=1 sbp=160)

Options allowed ---------------

^model^ -- displays regression table

^linear^ -- requests linear regression when yvar is binary (0,1); if not specified, logistic regression is assumed

^level(^#^)^ -- specifies the confidence level, in percent, for calculation of confidence intervals of predicted values (default=95%)

Examples --------

. ^predcalc chol, xvar(gender=1 sys=120 age=35)^

Uses linear regression to calculate the predicted cholesterol value for a 35 year old male with systolic blood pressure of 120

. ^predcalc htn, xvar(smoker=1 gender=0 age=65) model^

Uses a logistic regression model to calculate the predicted probability of being hypertensive for a 65 year old women who smokes; the logistic regression table is printed.