help for ^printgph^

Prints all Stata graphics files specified by file pattern ----------------------------

^printgph^ [filespec] [ ^, more stamp thickness noprint]

Description -----------

^printgph^ displays and prints all Stata graphics files specified by a file pattern. If no filespec is specified, it uses *.gph

filespec can take one of the following forms:

(nothing) -- treated as ^*.gph^ ^*^ ^*.gph^ ^*.gph^ ^*.gph^ name name^.gph^ name.^gph^ name^.gph^ name^*^ name^*.gph^ name^*.gph^ name^*.gph^

Options -------

^more^ pauses after each file

^stamp^ stamps the printout with the date, file name and directory

^noprint^ skips the printing. Useful for testing

Remarks ------- Requires forfile, and is simply a shell for it.

Examples --------

. ^printgph , stamp^ . ^printgph lr*.gph , noprint^

Authors -------

Jan Brogger, University of Bergen, Norway jan.brogger@@med.uib.no

Acknowledgement -------------- Based on showgph by Nick Cox and Jan Brogger