^prwe^ program ___________________

prwe calculates the ^PRWE scores^ (Patient-Rated Wrist Evaluation) from your re > cords

The PRWE is a 15-item questionnaire designed to measure wrist pain and disabili > ty in activites of daily living. It consists of two subscales: pain (5 items scored 0-10) and function (10 items > scored 0-10).

Two subscale scores are computed and a total score is computed by summing the t > wo subscales scores.

The PRWE includes two subscale scores (pain and function) as well as a total sc > ore.

Syntax: ^prwe^ varlist [if] [in], generate(newvarname) [subscales]

^varlist^ must contain the 15 numeric variables to calculate the PRWE t > otal score, these should appear in the same order as in the questionnaire (var1-var5 for > pain and var6-var15 for function)

^gen(^varname^)^ is used to specify where the total score has to be sto > red

^subscales^ is specified if the subscales scores have to be stored Examples:

^prwe^ PRWE1-PRWE15, gen(PRWE) ^prwe^ Pain1-Pain5 Function1-Function10, gen(PRWE) sub ^prwe^ PRWE1-PRWE5, gen(PRWE) sub

Note: The variables containing the information for the calculation have to be numeric > al and contain values between 1 and 10.

Treatment of Missing Data: A summary score calculated if a respondent answered at least 4 out of 5 questio > ns for the pain subscale and 8 of 10 questions for the function subscale.

References: The questionnaire and detailed scoring instructions are available at: http://www.srs-mcmaster.ca/Portals/20/pdf/research_resources/PRWE_PRWHEUserManu > al_Dec2007.pdf

________________________________________________________ AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation Program author: Monica Daigl Date: 04.04.2012