help for psgraph

Graph propensity score histogram

psgraph [, bin(#) treated(varname) support(varname) pscore(varname) graph_options]


psgraph graphs the propensity score histogram by treatment status.

psgraph can be called without options after psmatch2. In this case psgraph will use the generate variables _treated and _pscore. The options treated and pscore override this behavior.


bin(#) specifies the number of intervals to use for accumulating the histogram. The default is bin(20).

treated(varname) specifies treatment indicator variable. Assumes the following: 0 = controls, 1 = treated.

support(varname) Common support indicator (0/1).

pscore(varname) specifies the propensity score.

Also see

The commands psmatch2, pstest.


Edwin Leuven, École Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Économique. If you observe any problems mailto:leuven@ensae.fr.