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pvtest -- Test linear hypotheses after estimation with plausible values


pvtest (spec) [(spec) ...]


pvtest estimates Wald and t tests for linear hypotheses. It differs from test only in how it calculates the t parameter, which is usually the degrees of freedom, for the t test. See pv for formulas, references, and more information.


Estimating statistics with PISA

. pv stratio propqual [aw=w_fstuwt], pv(pv*math) cmd("reg") brr rw(w_fstr*) fays(0.5)

. pvtest stratio=propqual

. pvtest stratio propqual

. pv stratio [aw=w_fstuwt], pv(pv*math) bs bsops("reps(80) str(stratum) cl(schoolid)")

. pvtest 3*stratio=9

. pv stratio [aw=w_fstuwt], pv(pv*math)

. pvtest stratio=2

Estimating statistics with PIRLS

. pv asbgsex [aw=tchwgt], pv(asrrea*) jkzone(jkzone) jkrep(jkrep) jrr timss

. pvtest 3*asbgsex=9


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