help for ^qlist^                                                               
>       Version 2/2/2006

Quiet list ----------

^qlist^ varlist ^[^if^] [, o^bs ^di^s ^h^eader^(^string^)^ ^d^escr ^by(^varl > ist^)^ ^st^ars ^pb^reak ^bl^ank no^lj^ust ^rj^ust^(^varlist^)^ > ]^

A quiet variant of ^list^. No output if no records satisfy the if-condition. The main advantage is that no variable names will be shown if there are no records that satisfy the if-expression. Another advantage is that a header can be specified, that will be printed on top of the list. Moreover ^nodis^ is implicit and ^noobs^ is default.

^Options^ ^-------^ ^obs^ only if specified, observation numbers will be printed.

^dis^ Is included for compatibility with ^list^, but is ignored. Only listwise presentation (^nodis^) is possible. ^header()^ specifies a text to be printed as header above the list. If a header is not specified, the ^if^-condition will be displayed, if it exists. ^header(.)^ implies no header in any case. ^by()^ standard by-option ^stars^ requests the display of ^**** ^ in front of the header. The header itself can be empty.

^descr^ requests a list of the variable names and labels above the list.

^pbreak^ inserts a page break at the end of the listing

^blank^ adds an empty line at the end of the listing

^noljust^ Default string variables will be listed left justified, unless option ^noljust^ is specified.

^rjust()^ Forces the string variables in the varlist specified in this option t > o be listed right justified. Can be used if some variables need to be left and ot > hers right justified.

^Author:^ ^-------^ Wim van Putten Erasmus MC - Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center Rotterdam The Netherlands FAX: +31.10.4391028 e-mail: w.vanputten@@erasmusmc.nl