help for qsim

Automation for clarify

qsim, [command(string asis) setx2(setx list by(xi variable ]


qsim provides a wrapper for the clarify series of program that automates simulation with dummy variables produced by Stata's xi prefix. If xi: variables are not used, the automation process works without them.


Without qsim each of the 3 clarify programs has to be run separately for each level of the xi: categorical variable. qsim can be placed into one or more foreach loops and a large series of simulations can be run at one time.

The output can be pasted into a text editor. Marking E( identifies the line with the simulation data output. This line then can be cut to Excel (or similar programs) to make an output table. The whole process takes less than a minute.

The levels module of Nicholas J. Cox (available from the Boston College archives) is required to run qsim and is installed as part of this package.


setx2() expects the appropriate clarify setx commands. The contents of command must be put in quotations.

by() expects one xi: variable. If left blank the programs runs as if there were no xi: variable. Do not enter the xi: variable in the setx2() option.


. qsim, c("reg euroutil age sex white ra i.edcat") setx2(age 55 sex 1) by(edcat) . qsim, c("reg euroutil age sex white ra i.edcat") setx2(age 55)


Fred Wolfe, National Data Bank for Rheumatic Diseases, Wichita, KS fwolfe@arthritis-research.org

Also see

On-line help: clarify, estsimp, setx, simqi, if installed.