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random group variance estimation of the mean for survey data ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

^ranvar^ varlist [aweight] [if] ^ranvar2^ varlist [iweight] [if]

Description -----------

^ranvar^ calculates the random group variance estimator of the mean for survey data. The estimator is described in detail by Wolter (1985) "Introduction to Variance estimation", New York/Berlin (Springer). This estimator is an alternative to other estimators of the variance of sample statistics for survey data e.g. the jacknife or taylor linearization. The application of the random group estimator requires, that random groups are already defined during data collection.

Note: ^iweight^ is available with ^ranvar2^.

Note for ^SOEP^ Users: The estimation is described in K.4

Examples --------

. ^ranvar death net^ . ^ranvar death net [aweight=bstrat] if sex==1 ^

Author ------ Frauke Kreuter University of Konstanz frauke.kreuter@@uni-konstanz.de

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