Help for ^raschcvt

Convert Stata data to produce Rasch Winsteps data file and control file -----------------------------------------------------------------------

.- ^syntax ^raschcvt varlist, outfile() id() max() min(default = 0) xwide(default > = 2)^ .-

Options -------

^varlist^ The variables to be sent to the Winsteps. Enter the items first, then the ID and other variables. The order is crucial since the calculation of the number of items ends when the id variable is identifed. Therefore Stata must be appropriately ordered before program is run.

^outfile^ The path and file name. The extensions .dat and .con will be added by the program and the files saved in the correct directory.

^min^ The minimum value for the items. Default is 0 ^max^ The maximum value for the items.

^xwide^ The width of the variables. The 'codes' and formats are calculated on the basis of this value. The default value is 2.

Comment -------

This program expects the item values to be integers. The program also expects the variables to be labeled. If this not the case, then edit .con file to remove references to the label. In that case the names of the variables will take the place of the labels.

The items must be converted to categories if they are not already in category form. The data must be ordered by the Stata ^order^ program. The program will not work unless the following order is achieved: 1) items 2) ID 3) secondary IDs and classification variables.

If there are are secondarr IDs or classification variables, the program leaves a space between ID and the next ID variable/classification variable, and space between each variable after that. For Winsteps to use these vraibles, the spaces that follow after the ID variable must be removed. This is easily done with a text editor (ie.TextPad for Windows), followd by resaving the file.

Example -------

raschcvt dcat fcat acat gcat scat patkey newenc, outfile(c:\winsteps\testme) i > d(pa) max(21)

Building Rasch files ;The id variable is patkey ;There are 5 items ;Items and lengths ;patkey 15 ;newenc 2 ;Start control file below

TITLE= DATA=c:\winsteps\testme.dat ITEM1=1 NI=5 NAME1=6 DELIMITER = SPACE XWIDE=2 CODES=00010203040506070809101112131415161718192021 MAXPAG=60 PRCOMP=S MUCON=0 LCONV= .001 RCONV= 1 GROUPS= HLINES=Y ;PSELECT= ?????1* ;TABLES=11110110011111000001111 ;ISFILE=c:\winsteps\testme.isf ;IFILE=c:\winsteps\testme.IFL ;PFILE=c:\winsteps\testme.PFL ;XFILE=c:\winsteps\testme.XFL


depression fatigue anxiety Global Severity Sleep END LABELS

dcat fcat acat gcat scat END NAMES