help for ^recast2^                               (manual:  ^[R] recast^)

Change storage type of variable --------------------------------

^recast2^ type varlist ^[, Force]^

where type is ^byte^, ^int^, ^long^, ^float^, ^double^, or ^str^#.

Description ------------

^recast2^ changes the storage type of the variables identified in varlist to type.

Options --------

^force^ requires the conversion to be performed even if there is loss of information and Stata refuses to convert. Use this option when there is little or no loss of information as in the conversion of some variables of double type to variables of float type, etc.

Examples ---------

. ^recast2 int mpg^ . ^recast2 float mpg weight displ, force^

Also see ---------

Manual: ^[R] recast^ On-line: help for @compress@, @datatypes@, @order@