help for rensheet

Renaming and relabeling variables and values in a spreadsheet format


rensheet [varlist] using filename [, label val(varlist) do run { append | replace }]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- do execute do file immediately run execute do file immediately and suppress screen output label edit variable labels as well as variable names val edit value labels for specified variables append append generated code to existing do file replace replace existing do file -------------------------------------------------------------------------


rensheet facilitates renaming, and optionally relabeling, variables (and optionally their values) by opening an instance of Stata's Data Editor, a spreadsheet format where new values may be typed over old. A filename is specified via using where the do-file that implements all changes is to be saved. The resulting file can also be executed immediately via the do or run options.

rensheet typed without varlist opens a spreadsheet with all variable names on the data in memory, any of which can be selected and changed. The option label allows editing variable labels in addition to variable names. The option val allows editing value labels for selected variables as well.


Austin Nichols Urban Institute Washington, DC, USA austinnichols@gmail.com

Also see

Manual: [U] 11.3 Naming conventions and [U] 12.6 Dataset, variable, and value labels

On-line: edit, label, labelbook, rename, labutil (on SSC)