help for ^rowsort6^

Row sort a set of integer variables -----------------------------------

^rowsort6^ varlist, ^g^enerate^(^newvarlist^)^ [ ^a^scend ^d^escend ]

Description -----------

^rowsort6^ creates new variables sort_1, ... , sort_p corresponding to var_1, ... , var_p in varlist such that sort_1, ... , sort_p contain the sorted (ordered) values in each observation of varlist. varlist should contain all numeric variables with integer values. Missing values are allowed.

By default, sort_1 contains the lowest value within each observation. The ^descend^ option may be used to reverse order.

Note:^rowsort6^ is no longer the current version of ^rowsort^ and is only of interest to users of Stata 6 or 7. Users of Stata 8 upwards should switch to ^rowsort^.

Remarks -------

^rowsort6^ loops over observations and may be relatively slow. It may be faster to ^reshape^, ^sort^ within blocks, and ^reshape^ again.

Options -------

^generate(^newvarlist^)^ specifies new variable names for the variables to be generated, one for each variable in varlist. newvarlist may be specified in hyphenated form, as in ^s1-s5^. This option is required.

^ascend^ specifies that newvarlist should contain ascending values and is the default.

^descend^ specifies that newvarlist should contain descending values, such that sort_1 contains the largest value in each observation.

Examples --------

. ^rowsort6 x1-x5, gen(s1-s5)^ . ^rowsort6 x1-x5, gen(s1-s5) descend^

Author ------

Nicholas J. Cox, University of Durham, U.K. n.j.cox@@durham.ac.uk