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rrlogit postestimation -- Postestimation tools for rrlogit


The following postestimation commands are available for rrlogit:

command description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- INCLUDE help post_adjust2star INCLUDE help post_estat INCLUDE help post_estimates INCLUDE help post_lincom INCLUDE help post_linktest INCLUDE help post_lrtest INCLUDE help post_mfx INCLUDE help post_nlcom predict predictions, residuals, influence statistics, and other diagnostic measures INCLUDE help post_predictnl INCLUDE help post_suest INCLUDE help post_test INCLUDE help post_testnl ------------------------------------------------------------------------- * adjust does not work with time-series operators.

Syntax for predict

predict [type] newvar [if] [in] [, statistic nooffset]

statistic Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main p predicted probability of a positive outcome xb linear prediction stdp standard error of the linear prediction score first derivative of the log likelihood with respect to xb ------------------------------------------------------------------------- INCLUDE help esample

Options for predict

+------+ ----+ Main +-------------------------------------------------------------

p, the default, calculates the probability of a positive outcome.

xb calculates the linear prediction.

stdp calculates the standard error of the linear prediction.

score calculates the equation-level score; the derivative of the log likelihood with respect to the linear prediction.

nooffset is relevant only if you specified offset(varname) for rrlogit. It modifies the calculations made by predict so that they ignore the offset variable; the linear prediction is treated as xb rather than xb + offset.


. rrlogit foreign mpg weight, p1(.10) . predict p

Also see

Online: rrlogit; adjust, estimates, lincom, linktest, lrtest, mfx, nlcom, predictnl, suest, test, testnl