help for scoretest_cox

Perform a score test on the coefficients of a Cox model

scoretest_cox varlist

scoretest_cox is for use after stcox; see help stcox.


After fitting a Cox model by using stcox, scoretest_cox performs a score test on the simultanous significance of the coefficients of the variables specified in varlist. It reports the value of the statistic for the test (to be compared with a chi2 distribution), as well as the degrees of freedom of the test and the p-value.


Use the drugtr.dta dataset and run a Cox model with covariates drug and age . use http://www.stata-press.com/data/r10/drugtr

. stcox drug age

Perform a score test on the significance of the coefficient for variable drug

. scoretest_cox drug

Perform a score test on the simultaneous significance of the coefficients for variables drug and age

. scoretest_cox drug age


Klein, J.P. and M. L. Moeschberger.1997. Survival Analysis. Techniques for Censored and Truncated Data. New York, USA: Springer.


Isabel Canette, StataCorp LP icanette@stata.com

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