help sliceplot


sliceplot -- time series or other plot in slices


sliceplot plottype yvarlist xvar [if] [in] [, options]

where plottype is a twoway plottype.

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slicing options at() values marking ends of slices unequal slices may use unequal scales length() maximum length of slices slices() number of slices

Standard graph options combine() control graph combine twoway_options affect other features of graph



sliceplot produces a time series or other plot divided into a series of slices and then combined. The horizontal variable may be any numeric variable, but the program is motivated by the case of time series plots that would benefit from a short and wide scale.


+-----------------+ ----+ Slicing options +--------------------------------------------------

at() specifies cut points for the ends of each slice as values of the x-axis variable. Values outside the range of the data will be ignored with a warning.

unequal applies with at(). It specifies that unequal scales should be used on slices of different length. The default is to use (approximately) the same scale. A common application is to show more interesting values at a greater magnification than others.

slices() specifies the number of slices.

length() specifies the maximum length of each slice in units of the x-axis variable. The default is 100.

+------------------------+ ----+ Standard graph options +-------------------------------------------

combine() specifies options of graph combine. The defaults are imargin(zero) cols(1).

twoway_options() are options of graph twoway controlling other features of the graph.


. sliceplot line sunspots year, slices(4)

. sliceplot line sunspots year, at(1800 1900 1950 2003) unequal

. sliceplot rarea sunspots mean year, at(1800 1900 1950 2003) unequal


Nicholas J. Cox, Durham University

Also see

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