Help for ^sutex6^                            

Generates LaTeX code for summary statistics tables. .-

^sutex6^ [if] [in] [aweight fweight], [^DIG^its(integer)] [^LAB^els] [^PAR^] [NOBS] [MINmax] [NA(string)] [^TIT^le(string)] [^KEY^(string)] [^LONG^table] [^PL^ace(string)] [^NOCH^eck]

.- The [^DIG^its(integer)] option defines the number of digits to be displayed (de > fault is 3).

The [^LAB^els] option allows to display variable labels (if they exist) instead > of variable names.

The [^PAR^] option adds parentheses to Std. Dev.

The [^NOBS^] option adds a column with the number of observations for each vari > able (automatically specified if variables do not have the same number of obs > ervations).

The [^MIN^max] option adds two columns with the minimum and maximum of each var > iable.

The [^NA^(string)] option allows to define the content of cells where a numeric > al value has no sense (for example a Std. Dev. for only one observation). ATTENTION : do not use the following characters # $ % & ~ _ ^ \ { } in that op > tion.

The [^TIT^le(string)] option defines the table title ("Summary statistics" is d > efault).

The [^KEY^(string)] option defines the table label ("sumstat" is default).

The [^LONG^table] option allows to create tables that span over several pages u > sing the "longtable" package (do not forget to \usepackage{longtable} in the > preamble)

The [^PL^ace(string)] option specifies the placement of the table in the .tex d > oc (default is htbp)

The [^NOCH^eck] option skips the LaTeX special characters search-and-replace routine. This option should be used in two cases : - either you are sure there are no LaTeX special characters within variable nam > es or labels, and want to speed-up the command, - or you deliberately included LaTeX special characters and do not want ^sutex6 > ^ to translate them. .-

The LaTeX code is displayed in the output window, one just has to copy/paste it > into a LaTeX editor (in Scientific Word, it has to be pasted into a "TeX fie > ld")




sutex6 if foreign==0, labels digits(5)

sutex6, labels minmax digits(5) longtable key(stab)


Also see @summarize@ @outtex6@ @outtable@ (if installed).


Author : Antoine Terracol (questions, comments and bug-report can be sent to terracol at > univ-paris1.fr) .-