help xripred                                                    Patrick Royston

Prediction following reference interval estimation


xripred [, ln adj(varname # [varname # ... ]) ]


xripred calculates the survival, density and hazard functions according to the most recently-fitted xriml model.

xripred saves results three new variables: surv_ml, dens_ml and haz_ml.


noln prevents adjustment of the estimated density and hazard functions from the log time scale to the original time scale. You will usually want adjustment to be done, to make the estimates compatible with those from the usual non-parametric approach.

adj(varname #...) adjusts the estimates to value(s) # ... of predictor(s) varname... . xripred silently identifies which part(s) of the model include varname as a predictor. By default, estimates are calculated at the _cons parameter of each curve.


. xriml lnt, covar(m:x1 x2, s:x1) dist(en)

. xripred

. xripred, adj(x1 1 x2 2)

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