help for xtbalance                                 version 2.01, by Lian Yu-Jun

Trans the dataset into balance Panel Data

xtbalance, range(numlist) [ miss(varlist) ]

You must tsset your data before using xtbalance; see help tsset.


xtbalance Trans the unbalanced Panel Data into balanced Panel Data with sample range specified by option range.


range(numlist) specifies sample range to be transfored. numlist must be two integers and specified in ascending order.

miss(varlist) forces to drop the observations if any one of the variable in varlist has missing value.


. help xtbalance

. xtbalance , range(1998 2005)

. xtbalance , range(1998 2005) miss(invest market)

. xtbalance , rang(1978 1982) miss(_all)

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