help for ^xtile2^

^xtile2^ creates a new variable that categorizes exp by its subgroup quantiles. -----------------------------------------------------------------------

^xtile2^ newvar ^=^ exp [weight] [^if^ exp] [^in^ range] ^,^ by(varlist) [ ^n^quantiles^(^#^)^ ^alt^def ]

Options --------

^nquantiles(^#^)^ specifies the number of quantiles. ^by(varlist)^ specifies subgroups within which the category will be generated.

Examples --------- . ^xtile2 quart = bp if age>=25, nq(4) by(sex race)^

Also see ---------

Manual: ^[R] pctile^

Author ------- Zhiqiang Wang Menzies School of Health Research Darwin, Australia wang@@menzies.su.edu.au