help xtmis


xtmis -- Report missing observations for each variable in all countries/groups of interest in cross section data.


xtmis variable1 variable2 ... variable6, id(string)


xtmis reports number of missing and nonmissing observations, percentages of missing and nonmissing for each variable in all groups of interest (such as country).

In order to use, -tomata- must be installed by typing within Stata -ssc install tomata-.


Report missing observations for list of variables in a cross section data.

. use example1.dta, clear . xtmis variable1 variable2 variable3 variable4, id(country)

Author Minh Cong Nguyen Ph.D. Candidate Economics Department American University Washington, DC

Version This is version 1.0.0 released June 22, 2008.