The RePEc Project

RePEc: Research Papers in Economics ( is a volunteer-driven initiative to create a public-access database that promotes scholarly communication in economics and related disciplines. The database contains information on more than 585,000 items:

of which more than 478,000 items are available on line.

RePEc's capabilities are unique in this regard: the RePEc database links information on the published and unpublished works of thousands of economists. RePEc promotes scholarly communication by providing a database that welcomes all providers of unpublished materials (working papers, discussion papers, research reports, conference papers) and publishers of journals (including scholarly societies, commercial and non-commercial publishers) to place their bibliographic information in the public domain. Individual economists are invited to identify the documents they have authored in the database. RePEc is volunteer-driven, and all RePEc information is freely available from web-based RePEc services such as:

Current RePEc data are used in the NEP (New Economics Papers, service that provides subject-specific current awareness email lists.

For more information on the advantages of participation in the RePEc Project, please contact the RePEc team at

28 April 2008