{smcl} {txt}{net "from http://repec.org/bocode":SSC} Stata modules created or revised 2024-03-22 to 2024-04-22 {hline} {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/u/usos":USOS} {txt} module for computing the unweighted sum of squares test for global goodness of fit after logistic model{txt} Authors: Ariel Linden Req: Stata version 11 {txt} Created: 2024-04-16 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/o/opl":OPL} {txt} module for optimal policy learning{txt} Authors: Giovanni Cerulli Req: Stata version 16 {txt} Created: 2024-04-11 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/g/ge_gravity2":GE_GRAVITY2} {txt} module to solve a gravity model within the universal gravity class {txt} Authors: Rodolfo G. Campos Iliana Reggio Jacopo Timini Req: Stata version 11.2 {txt} Created: 2024-04-11 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/e/exitma":EXITMA} {txt} module to define the exit status of a meta-analysis{txt} Authors: Luis Furuya-Kanamori Jazeel Abdulmajeed Suhail AR Doi Req: Stata version 14 {txt} Created: 2024-04-11 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/r/rosner":ROSNER} {txt} module implementing Rosner's generalized extreme studentized deviate (ESD) procedure to detect multiple outliers{txt} Authors: Ariel Linden Req: Stata version 11 {txt} Created: 2024-04-11 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/y/yatchew_test":YATCHEW_TEST} {txt} module to perform Yatchew (1997), de Chaisemartin, D'Haultfoeuille & Gurgand (2024) linearity test {txt} Authors: Clément de Chaisemartin Xavier D'Haultfoeuille Diego Ciccia Felix Knau Doulo Sow Req: Stata version 12 {txt} Created: 2024-04-11 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/g/garbage_mixl":GARBAGE_MIXL} {txt} module to perform Bayesian garbage class mixed logit model estimation{txt} Authors: Marcel F. Jonker Req: Stata version 9.2 {txt} Revised: 2024-04-13 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/r/ratio_plot":RATIO_PLOT} {txt} module to plot ratios and confidence intervals of specified variables{txt} Authors: Kabira Namit Zaeen de Souza Req: Stata version 11 and coefplot from SSC (q.v.) {txt} Created: 2024-04-05 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/t/twoway__whistogram_gen":TWOWAY__WHISTOGRAM_GEN} {txt} module for generating histogram variables using aweights or iweights {txt} Authors: Nicholas J. Cox Req: Stata version 8 {txt} Created: 2024-03-30 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/w/weakivtest2":WEAKIVTEST2} {txt} module to compute Robust Test for Weak Instruments with Multiple Endogenous Regressors{txt} Authors: Lingyun Zhou Req: Stata version 17 and ivreg2, xtivreg2, avar from SSC (q.v.) {txt} Created: 2024-03-29 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/l/listreg":LISTREG} {txt} module for the analysis of list experiments using linear regression{txt} Authors: Ben Jann Req: Stata version 14 {txt} Revised: 2024-03-23 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/b/bta2score":BTA2SCORE} {txt} module to generate beta to score{txt} Authors: Suppachai Lawanaskol Jayanton Patumanond Req: Stata version 16 {txt} Revised: 2024-03-23 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/r/reghdfejl":REGHDFEJL} {txt} module to estimate high-dimensional fixed-effect linear models using Julia{txt} Authors: David Roodman Req: Stata version 16, julia from SSC, Julia 1.9, Python 3.x {txt} Revised: 2024-04-13 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/j/julia":JULIA} {txt} module to provide interface to Julia{txt} Authors: David Roodman Req: Stata version 14.1 and Julia 1.9 {txt} Revised: 2024-04-13 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/s/styletextab":STYLETEXTAB} {txt} module to style LaTeX tables exported by collect suite of commands{txt} Authors: Gorkem Aksaray Req: Stata version 17 {txt} Revised: 2024-04-18 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/g/gtsheckman":GTSHECKMAN} {txt} module to compute a generalized two-step Heckman selection model{txt} Authors: Alyssa H. Carlson Req: Stata version 11 {txt} Revised: 2024-04-16 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/x/xtarimau":XTARIMAU} {txt} module to find the best [S]ARIMA[X] models in heterogeneous panels with the help of arimaauto {txt} Authors: Ilya Bolotov Req: Stata version 13, hegy from SJ/st0453 and arimaauto, kpss from SSC (q.v.) {txt} Revised: 2024-04-06 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/a/arimaauto":ARIMAAUTO} {txt} module to find the best ARIMA model with the help of a Stata-adjusted Hyndman-Khandakar (2008) algorithm {txt} Authors: Ilya Bolotov Req: Stata version 15.1, hegy from SJ/st0453 and kpss from SSC (q.v.) {txt} Revised: 2024-04-06 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/w/winratiotest":WINRATIOTEST} {txt} module to calculate the unmatched Win Ratio for prioritised outcomes {txt} Authors: John Gregson Tim Collier Req: Stata version 12 {txt} Revised: 2024-04-18 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/s/susoapi":SUSOAPI} {txt} module to provide Survey Solutions API client class for Stata{txt} Authors: Sergiy Radyakin Req: Stata version 16 {txt} Revised: 2024-03-28 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/x/xtimportu":XTIMPORTU} {txt} module to import monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly time series and panel data as panelvar timevar valuevar from a supported file format to memory or a file{txt} Authors: Ilya Bolotov Req: Stata version 14 and sxpose2 from SSC (q.v.) {txt} Revised: 2024-04-06 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/t/twowayfeweights":TWOWAYFEWEIGHTS} {txt} module to estimate the weights and measure of robustness to treatment effect heterogeneity attached to two-way fixed effects regressions{txt} Authors: Clement de Chaisemartin Xavier D'Haultfoeuille Antoine Deeb Req: Stata version 12 {txt} Revised: 2024-04-15 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/i/itsamatch":ITSAMATCH} {txt} module to perform matching in multiple group interrupted time-series analysis{txt} Authors: Ariel Linden Req: Stata version 11 {txt} Revised: 2024-04-11 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/b/boottest":BOOTTEST} {txt} module to provide fast execution of the wild bootstrap with null imposed{txt} Authors: David Roodman Req: Stata version 13 {txt} Revised: 2024-04-16 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/a/art":ART} {txt} module to compute sample size and power for complex randomised trial designs with binary or time-to-event outcomes{txt} Authors: Abdel Babiker Friederike Maria-Sophie Barthel Babak Choodari-Oskooei Patrick Royston Ella Marley-Zagar Ian White Req: Stata version 9 {txt} Revised: 2024-04-05 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/i/itsa":ITSA} {txt} module to perform interrupted time series analysis for single and multiple groups{txt} Authors: Ariel Linden Req: Stata version 11 {txt} Revised: 2024-04-11 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/c/cmp":CMP} {txt} module to implement conditional (recursive) mixed process estimator{txt} Authors: David Roodman Req: Stata version 13 and package ghk2 (q.v.) {txt} Revised: 2024-04-18 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/e/episens":EPISENS} {txt} module for basic sensitivity analysis of epidemiological results{txt} Authors: Nicola Orsini Rino Bellocco Sander Greenland Req: Stata version 8.2 {txt} Revised: 2024-03-27 {net "describe http://repec.org/bocode/m/mvprobit":MVPROBIT} {txt} module to calculate multivariate probit regression using simulated maximum likelihood{txt} Authors: Lorenzo Cappellari Stephen P. Jenkins Req: Stata version 7.0 {txt} Revised: 2024-04-15 {hline} {txt} End of recent additions and updates