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RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) is a collaborative effort of over 100 volunteers in about 25 countries to enhance the dissemination of research in economics. The heart of the project is a decentralized database of working papers, journal articles and software components. Any institution is welcome to join in contributing its research materials. All RePEc material is freely available.

Currently, the database holds over 120,000 items of interest:
80,000 working papers
35,000 journal articles
650 software components
1,200 author contact listings
5,700 institutional contact listings
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How you can use RePEc

The following web sites offer all or part of the RePEc database for you to browse or search:
IDEAS IDEAS: the complete RePEc database at your disposal. Working papers, journal articles, software components, author information, directory of institutions.
NEP NEP (New Economics Papers): Free email notification of new downloadable working papers for over 40 specific fields. Mirrors: UK   USA   Japan
WoPEc WoPEc: Full-text downloadable working papers and journal articles.
Mirrors: UK   USA   Japan
BibEc BibEc: bibliographic information on (non-downloadable) working papers and journal articles.
Mirrors: UK   USA   Japan
HoPEc HoPEc: Author registration and directory services
Inomics Inomics: downloadable working papers integrated with information on economics conferences, job information, and Internet search for economists
RuPEc RuPEc: RePEc in Russian
Decomate Decomate: another search engine for RePEc
IDEAS, EDIRC, HoPEc, WoPEc and BibEc are highlighted in
Google's Web Directory for Economics.

Placing your materials in RePEc

Authors: register yourself and link to your works listed in RePEc: HoPEc
What RePEc is all about: the Guildford protocol.
Full documentation of the file syntax: about ReDIF (Resource Description Information Format).
To make it easy: Step by step instructions to create a working paper archive.
To make it even easier: templates for copying and pasting.
Once you are participating: Tips and tricks for RePEc archive maintainers.
To keep up to date on current events in RePEc: the repec-admin mailing list.
For more information about RePEc's future direction: RePEc documents.
Looking for scripts to automate access to research information? See RePEc scripts.
To contact us:

Major participants

Among the
many participating institutions providing over 1000 RePEc series, the 30 largest contributing RePEc archives are: Although IDEAS is only one of the RePEc services providing access to these archives, information on last month's activity on the IDEAS archive is indicative of the worldwide interest in the materials they contain.
RePEc emerged from the NetEc group, which received support for its WoPEc project between 1996-1999 by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the UK Higher Education Funding Councils, as part of its Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib).

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