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Computing in Economics and Finance '99

Organized Sessions

The following sessions are designed and organized by individuals (program committee members and designates). The session organizer is responsible for selecting the papers to be presented. Although session organizers typically solicit papers from colleagues in their field of research, they also welcome unsolicited submissions. Please contact the organizers for more details.

Sessions Inviting Participation

Session Title


date posted

Economics and Effective Computability Francesco Luna 6 Oct 1998
Computational Econometrics and Statistics David Belsley 6 Oct 1998
Dynamic Optimization Emilio Cerdá Tena
Francisco Alvarez González
8 Oct 1998
Time Series Modeling of Interest Rates Basma Bekdache 9 Oct 1998
Simulation Based Estimation in Financial Econometrics Eric Jacquier 14 Oct 1998
Integrated Time Series Models Uwe Hassler 14 Oct 1998
Internet Economics Thorsten Wichmann 16 Oct 1998
Programming Languages Group Kuan-Pin Lin 22 Oct 1998
Computational Finance Carl Chiarella 28 Oct 1998
Economic Dynamics Volker Wieland
Emilio Barucci
Theo Eicher
04 Nov 1998
Issues In Estimating And Simulating Models
With Explicit Expectations
Sharon Kozicki
Michael Binder
P.A. Tinsley
11 Nov 1998
Environmental Dynamics Christophe Deissenberg 13 Nov 1998
Evolutionary Computing Han La Poutre 16 Nov 1998
Computational Methods In Models With Stochastic Volatility Filippo Altissimo
Fabio Fornari
Giuseppe Bruno
Carlo Bianchi
17 Nov 1998
Evolutionary Computation in Economics and Finance Shu-Heng Chen
Chia-Husan Yeh
19 Nov 1998
Asset Allocation Techniques in Static and Dynamic Settings Pierluigi Balduzzi 21 Dec 1998

Complete Sessions

Evolution Of Trade And Social Networks In Agent-Based Economies Leigh Tesfatsion 27 Oct 1998
Hysteresis in Models of Economic Analysis Laura Piscitelli 28 Oct 1998
The Computational Complexity of Markets Koye Somefun
Nienke Oomes
20 Dec 1998

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