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Staff of the Research Services Graduate Assistant Program

The Graduate Statistical Assistant program, established in September 2000 by the academic administration at Boston College, is a component of Academic Technology Services (ATS). The program was originally administered by the Moderators of the Faculty Microcomputer Resource Center (FMRC), which is now a unit of Academic Technology Services. Ms. Rani Dalgin manages the GSA and GRA programs. Please forward inquiries and requests to Within the FMRC, Faculty Moderator Christopher F Baum is the GSA program liaison with Research and Instructional Technology Services (RITS) and the Libraries.

The three Graduate Statistical Assistants (GSAs) for 2004-2005 are:

In addition:

Over the past several years, GSAs and GRAs have worked on improving access to statistical databases in a variety of disciplines. Those efforts are reflected in the Statistical Data Catalog collection in the Quest system.

Faculty who would benefit from GSA support should contact Ms. Rani Dalgin, the GSA coordinator or contact the GSAs directly for assistance with:

GSAs, hired and supervised by RITS, liaise between the users of statistical computing services, RITS professionals, and Library professionals responsible for database acquisition and cataloging. GSAs are available for consultation during the academic year for 15 hours per week. We encourage you to contact your GSA via email to set up an appointment.

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